Introducing the “Fat Girl”

This will be my first of hopefully many posts along my weight loss journey, this will also be my first blog EVER!

This blog is going to be about my weight loss from fat to hopefully fit, all the good and the bad but first let me introduce myself.

Here it goes:

I am 32 years old and I am FAT, not chubby, or a little overweight I am morbidly obese (that’s what the wonderful medical professionals tell me).

The first time I was told I was morbidly obese I thought, really me?                             I didn’t think I was that big, how in the hell did I get here? I mean I was never skinny but I was average.

I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds since the birth of my first son 14 years ago, so my family doctor after 3 years of asking finally convinced me to join the Calgary Weight Management Program.

I joined the program with the mindset that they couldn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know from years of dieting, this would be a waste of time unless they were going to follow me around and slap the donuts and cake from my hands before I could shove it into my mouth.

More on the program next time.


2 thoughts on “Introducing the “Fat Girl”

  1. You are a beautiful person no matter your size but I am very proud of you for making this big decision for YOU!
    Love and hugs


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