Starting the “Program”

November 8, 2014 was the day I officially started the program by having an intake meeting with the nurse. The nurse explained the program and I was screened for any medical and psychological problems that I may have. No medical problems despite my weight and I am not too crazy to participate in the program, yipee!

This program gives you the option to work with dieticians, nurses and a psychologist in order to assist you with whatever you may need to successfully lose weight. You also have the option of weight loss surgery, they offer the lap band (although this is rarely done any more), the gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass. Surgery is an option available to anyone for free after successful completion of the program.

I went into the program knowing that I was not about to take the easy way out and have surgery to lose weight, how lazy is that? Everyone knows you just need to diet and exercise and you will lose weight, duh!


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