My First Class

The day I go to my first weight management program class, I am excited to get started but also feeling nervous.

I am not good at meeting new people and I know that this class is going to be full but I put on my big girl panties and I get in my car and head to the class. The class is at 9:00 AM on a Saturday so naturally I stop at Timmy’s for a large coffee and a breakfast sandwich….. hmmm maybe not the best choice on the way to a weight loss class.

The class is surprisingly good, it is being taught by a psychologist who tells us over and over again that food is an addiction and this is not our fault, we shouldn’t be beating ourselves up over our weight since our bodies were designed to over eat and store fat. She also tells us a little about the program and explains some of the surgery options.

I leave the class and I am going over everything said in the class while I drive home. The more I think about the class the more I start to change my mind. Maybe surgery isn’t the easy way out, in fact I think having surgery would be harder than trying to lose the weight through diet and exercise.

To have surgery means I will have to completely change my eating habits, the types of food I eat and maybe even give up certain foods FOREVER!

I decide I don’t have enough information to make my decision, I guess I better do some research.


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