A New Outlook!

When I made the decision to have bariatric surgery I knew that I needed to talk to people who have either had surgery or plan on having the surgery, I needed information and support from people who know what I am feeling and going through.

I am now part of 2 separate Facebook groups, The Bariatric Sisterhood and the Adult Bariatric Calgary, I have found both of these groups to be great sources of information and support even though I have only met a few of the ladies from  The Bariatric Sisterhood (who were all very lovely ladies). I need to mention that both groups that I am a member of are “secret Facebook groups in order to protect the privacy of the members and so if you want to be added to the group you must be referred.

When I started the blog I posted it to my Facebook and to each group I am in, the feedback I have received was awesome! Having said that I received a comment from someone in The Bariatric Sisterhood saying she loved my blog (thanks again) but that I should consider changing my use of the word “fat” to “phat” and so after a few days of contemplation I have decided she is right.

This journey has been so much about changing my thought process that maybe changing that one word will be inspiring for me and anyone else reading this blog. I will be changing the title of my blog and every time I feel the need to use the word “fat” I will replace it with “phat.”

Now since I have brought it up let’s talk about changing the thought process. In my very first class with the Calgary clinic they said it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle (blah, blah, blah) tell me something I haven’t heard before.

It has taken me until just a couple of weeks ago for this to really sink in and for me to start changing my thought process. I don’t know what it is specifically that changed my mind, maybe it was my incessant talking to everyone that will listen about the classes and the surgery but one day I just thought OMG, this is how I need to eat everyday for my health not just to lose the weight.

Since then I have made numerous changes to how much I eat, the types of food I eat and I have been slowly increasing my activity. All of these changes have had so many wonderful effects that I can’t imagine going back to the type of eating I was doing before, but it’s only been a couple of weeks so hopefully I can keep feeling this way so I can maintain a lifetime of change.


2 thoughts on “A New Outlook!

  1. Hi Serena, you are right…It is all about change. I am part of the sisterhood and have been since my surgery(sleeve) in Sept of 2014. I often tell people that it has nothing to do with the inches around my butt, but the 6 inches between my ears. The way you think about food, yourself and others will change over time. It almost has to for all of the changes you are making and will continue to make. I started my joyrney late, I was 60 when I had the surgery and although there have been glitches along the way the journey is so worth it. I am not finished by any means and am looking forward to the future.
    Keep blogging and take care.


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