Small Changes and Big Differences

Over the past few weeks I have made some changes to my diet and activity level, some big changes and some smaller changes that hopefully will all add up to a lifetime of health and smaller clothes.

What changes have I made?

First I had a meeting with an Eating Psychology Coach that I met through my support group, we talked for over an hour and a half and she helped convince me to make just a few small changes. Her suggestions were to cut carbs just one meal a day to start, add vitamin B6 & B12, and increase activity to reduce stress.

So first order of business is to start cutting the carbs, this is a must after surgery so I decided to give it a try and cutting them one meal at a time didn’t seem like it would be too difficult. I should clarify that when I am talking about cutting carbs I am talking the processed bad for you carbs like rice and bread just to name a couple, the carbs in my veggies don’t count.

Implementing the no carb meals into my everyday life hasn’t been too hard if I plan ahead. I decide what my family will have for supper that night and if it has carbs then I have a salad for lunch and eggs and fruit for breakfast. My snacks almost never include carbs so that wasn’t an issue.

The next thing to do is purchase vitamin B6 & B12, easily done and I put them with my other vitamins and started taking them daily.

Now for the last step, increase activity. This wasn’t to hard for me either, I started with one of the 30 day challenges posted to my blog and now that I have completed that one I have gone straight into the other challenge.

After just 2 weeks of successfully completing these tasks that were given to me I feel great. I have more energy than I have had in years, I feel like I am able to be more focused and just altogether more healthy. During this 2 weeks I had one day where I ate a lot of carbs, ate less veggies, and did very little activity and it took me 2 days of sticking to my program to start feeling good again.

When they say food is fuel they are not kidding, who knew?

I put good food in and I have great output, better mood, more energy and less stress. I put bad food in and I feel sluggish, depressed and grumpy.


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