Scale Wars

Thursday, the dreaded weigh in day!

I weighed myself this morning and was up 0.4 pounds, I immediately thought about flinging my damn scale out the window because clearly it hates me. I have not over eaten this week (not even the pastry a client brought to the office), every meals calories were logged into my fitness pal which tells me that I should have lost 1.5 pounds this week. I have had many salads, spinach smoothies, chicken and very few carbs so I have decided the only explanation for this gain is that my scale would like to have a war.

Bring it on scale! I am going to win this war with you this time, I am not going to give up on myself just because you want to screw with my head. Wait a minute, did I just write that? Have I had a non-scale victory?

6 months ago a gain on the scale after I had done all the right things would have sent me straight to Starbucks for a high fat latte, a breakfast sandwich and probably one of this giant cookies too. This morning after stepping on the scale I immediately posted my frustrations to The Bariatric Sisterhood Facebook group and I had instant positive feedback, just what I needed this morning! So after a little inspiration from my group I got up and got ready for work, making my usual breakfast, my spinach for my smoothie and my salad for lunch.

Non-scale victory? Absolutely!


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