Giving Up!

Yesterday was Thursday and after the fight with my scale last week I was eager to get on the scale but also nervous. I got on the scale closed my eyes for a brief second then took a deep breath and looked down at the number, down 3.6 pounds! Absolute relief!

I am now having a great morning I am feeling good about myself and I know the changes I have made are working and I can’t wait to keep this progress going.

I have to thank the support groups I belong to for my success this week since I was really feeling ready to give up last week and their encouraging words kept me going. So to all of you that commented on my post last Thursday morning, thank you!

Even with all the success I was feeling yesterday it took just one appointment with the dietitian to feel frustrated, defeated and like giving up.

As far as my actual food choices and my activity, the dietitian had nothing bad to say and she wants me to just keep going the way I am for now. Then I asked her about surgery and my good mood disappeared. When I was placed on the waiting list by the intake nurse she told me that I was looking at somewhere between October and February for a surgery date, yesterday I was told probably another year. I know it is really only an extra 3 months from February but it felt so far away.

I am feeling a little better about it today but it still very discouraging, I feel like I am waiting for someone else to decide when I can start the rest of my life. Although I am only 32 years old I feel like I have wasted so many years being overweight that the thought of having this surgery even just 3 months further away makes me feel incredibly sad.

I am not giving up though, I am going to continue to keep up a healthier lifestyle and hope for some kind of surgery date miracle, or perhaps to win the lottery then I would be able to afford to pay for surgery and I wouldn’t have to wait so long.

So for this week I am going to stay on track the best that I can and try to keep up a positive attitude. I will not give up this time!!!


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