A Small Gain

So I gained 0.2 pounds this week, oh well at least it wasn’t 2 pounds right?

I knew it would be a tough week since we were spending it out-of-town but I thought if I went with a plan and ate some meals in the hotel instead of at restaurants I would be able to control my calories and maybe still have a loss for the week.

I did okay Saturday but Sunday and Monday I was completely off track and eating whatever I wanted without giving it a second thought. I was so mad at myself for not sticking to my plan that I spent Tuesday and Wednesday overeating too. Why do I do this to myself? I can’t change what I did so why beat myself up over it?

Today I stepped on that scale expecting to see a couple extra pounds and saw I was only up 0.2, victory!

Maybe eating small portions helped, maybe it is just the good healthy eating the rest of the time, I don’t know what I did right but I must have done something right.

I am completely back on track now and I don’t have anything in the next couple weeks that will sidetrack me. I also have a case management appointment with the nurse at the weight management clinic May 30th so that will provide me with a little inspiration to keep going.

Next week I will writing all about my loss for the week 😉


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