Still Going Strong

Things have been going well for me for me since my last post. I lost another 1.2 lbs this week for a total of 17.2 lbs and I am still eating healthy most of the time, I am staying active and I feel great.

I am booked into a class with the clinic on Wednesday called Maintain the Change, these classes are held on the first Wednesday of each month. I have not been to one yet so I can’t tell you what they are like but I am hoping to meet some other people going through the same process as I am.

I had a case management appointment Saturday morning, this appointment was with a nurse at the Weight Management Clinic and was the next step in getting surgery. The nurse took my weight and blood pressure then we discussed how I feel my lifestyle changes have been going.

I am now booked into a pre-bariatric surgery information class on July 20th, this is supposed to give me a better idea of how each of the offered surgeries work and what types of complications they each have.

There are 3 bariatric surgeries offered:

  1. Lapband – Absolutely NO chance!
  2. Gastric Sleeve
  3.  Gastric Bypass

I am unsure if I want to have the sleeve or the bypass and I am really hoping that the information class will help me to make a decision.

During my case management appointment I was also given an appointment with one of the three surgeons for September 4th, this is a 20 minute surgery consult only. I will not be signing the surgery consent on this day and I will not receive a surgery date. According to information I have received from a few other ladies in the clinic I will not sign consent for about 4 months after my surgery consult appointment, and the actual surgery will still be 3 – 6 months after I sign consent.

I still have a long wait ahead of me but others who have had the surgery tell me that there will be so many tasks I will be given to do that the time will pass quickly.


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