Weight Loss with Great Friends!

This past week has been a good great week for me!

Let’s start with this mornings weigh in, I have lost another 2 lbs. I now weigh in at 237.8 for those of you who haven’t been looking at my progress page. I still have a very long way to go but I am only 5 lbs away from the lowest weight I have been at in probably 3 years, I’m excited (easily excited I know).

Also this week I put on  a pair of jeans I bought almost 2 years ago and when they arrived I couldn’t pull them all the way up, last month I tried them on and was able to pull them up but they were too tight (major muffin top), this week I put them on and they fit perfectly. Ha Ha jeans, I win!

I have always let the scale determine how I feel and this week I learned a valuable lesson, my jeans fitting was all the motivation I needed. I like to look for things each week that will help motivate me to keep going, sometimes I look to the scale, sometimes it is an appointment at the clinic, and sometimes it is a too tight piece of clothing finally fitting comfortably.

Since I am talking about motivation let’s talk about my friends. I was very fortunate this week to have patched up a friendship with a very special friend who I missed more than she will ever know. I know I have talked about how great my friends are before and I will likely mention them many, many times because they are such a huge part of my success. To all my friends reading this I hope you know how much your support, kind words and encouragement mean to me.

Every time I talk to one of my friends and they tell me I have inspired them (you know who you are), that they are proud of my accomplishments, that they believe I am beautiful, and that they will be there for me no matter what it provides me with the motivation to keep going and I am thankful for that every single day.


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