A Few Tough Weeks

So I didn’t post last week and I am sure you all missed me right?  

Last week I lost 0.2 lbs :cry:, I was a little disappointed but I also knew I had a tough week so it wasn’t a total shock. This week was another tough week and I don’t have a good excuse but I am going to blame it being tired, my oldest sons lacrosse has been very late and I have not been getting enough sleep. Despite another tough week I have lost 1.2 lbs this week :D.

I think this coming week will be a little easier now that lacrosse has wrapped up and I can resume normal sleep patterns. The only thing I have coming up this week that concerns me is Father’s Day brunch, and although I plan to enjoy brunch since I know brunch will not be an option for me after surgery I am going to try and make mostly good choices.

The following week I have my girls weekend away which is actually going to be 4 days for me and I absolutely can’t wait to go, we always have such a good time. I don’t expect that I am going to be able to have a loss for that week but again I am just going to try and make the best choices I can while eating out.

There always seems to be something coming up that makes strictly sticking to my healthy plan extremely difficult but I guess that is the way life goes. I am constantly making better choices when I go out and I get off track less than I used to. I also don’t let one bad choice ruin the rest of my choices for the day and I am certainly not going on a food binge for a week just because I went over my calories for a day. 

Small changes are leading to a happier, healthier and thinner me! 


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