Losing Momentum

I couldn’t bring myself to change my weight on “my progress” page since last Thursday after returning from my weekend away I had gained 4 lbs :(.   Although I knew I would likely gain a pound or two over this week I didn’t expect 4 lbs and I was a little depressed about it.

As for last weeks goals I accomplished both!

1. Eating the free buffet breakfast at the hotel: I accomplished this with a little hesitation and lot’s of discomfort but I did it and it was delicious.

2. Not being so shy about being in photos with my friends: I think I did this too, I still did not like most of the pictures that were taken with me in them but I let the pictures be taken without whining about it.

Now for this week’s weigh in, a 2.6 lb loss. I am happy with this loss since I have been having a very hard time getting back on track since I have returned from my girls weekend. I am slowly getting back on track but I am feeling much less motivated than I did a month ago.

What is it about my current weight that makes me lose focus?

I don’t know the reason but I am determined not to gain all that I have lost back, even if that means being happy with maintaining my current weight for a little while until I can get motivated again. I am not sure if my brain is in vacation mode because it’s summer and I want to sit on my deck and drink beer & pina colada’s or what the problem is but I am constantly thinking about food lately (and not the healthy food).

I need to get my mind off food and to do that I need to focus somewhere else. I am hoping to get my workout room finished this weekend so maybe if I can get that done and up my activity then maybe I can refocus on fitness and stop focussing on food, this just may be the motivation I need to keep going.

This week I am going to set 2 goals again:

1. Finish my workout room

2. Not to gain any weight

My second goal may seem like a lazy goal but to me that will be success for this week.


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