What is Wrong With Me?

Last weeks goals:

1. Finish my workout room – nope, didn’t do it because I was too busy drinking and stuffing my face for the weekend.

2. Not to gain any weight – nope, see above!

To make a long story short if I was a train I got derailed. I was unmotivated, unfocused and down right lazy. After such a trainwreck of a weekend I got my shit together and Monday I made a healthy breakfast, had my usual spinach smoothie for a snack, salad for lunch and yogurt and vegetables for an afternoon snack. Then came dinner…..derailed again!  WTF is wrong with me after eating good all day I have chicken fingers and fries for dinner. I have given alot of thought to why I was so tired all weekend and why I couldn’t seem to stop eating no matter how hard I tried and I have come up with only one reasonable explanation, PMS. Since I have had a hysterectomy I don’t have any definite sign that I am experiencing PMS although since I still have my ovaries I do still PMS, this made it a little harder to figure out why I keep having about 1 week where I feel like I can’t stop eating and I crave sugary food.

Tuesday I started again and I have been doing well since, I guess my PMS is over.

Okay enough about my shitty week, I want to talk about my upcoming appointment at the bariatric clinic.

On Monday I have a 3 hour pre-surgery class and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know exactly what I am going to learn or what is going to be discussed during this class but I do know that I am going to find a ton of information. I expect to be told what surgeries are offered, what happens during each procedure, everything concerning pre & post op diet and what type of recovery to expect.

I feel like things are still moving slowly but having this class Monday, a dietitian appointment mid August and my surgery consult September 4th at least makes me feel like I am doing something and it also motivates me to get back on track because I want to show the clinic that I am still losing weight at each appointment.

This has been a little bit of a long post but I really want to mention my family, I have talked about the support I have received from my friends before but I haven’t mentioned my family as much. I guess I haven’t really mentioned family because I expected my family to support me no matter what and of course they didn’t let me down. My parents, my in-laws, my kids and especially my husband. My wonderful husband has listened to me ramble on and on about procedures, how our life will change, how I will change and plastic surgery that may be needed for excess skin. He let’s me ramble, watches my 600 lb life with me, and even reads my blog. So thanks to all my family members who are going through all of this with me.

I am going to end this weeks post with my goals again and this week I am going to work a little harder at reaching them.

1. Finish my workout room (going forward I will call this my diva den, since I intend to transform into a diva working out in it).

2. Lose at least 1.5 pounds.


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