Would You Like Some Food With Your Alcohol?

So I have gained 0.4 lbs this week, I thought it was going to be way worse so whatever!

A quick run down of the previous week, I was doing pretty good until we left for the family reunion Friday and then all hell broke loose. Despite having good intentions and having lots of good healthy food stocked in the trailer I totally bombed. So why did I blow all my good intentions??? One word ALCOHOL!

I stepped out of the car and into a can of beer which led to another beer and a hamburger and later some more beer and a hot dog. I did really well all day so the extra calories from the hamburger, hot dog and beer might not have been so bad if I could have just stuck to my plan for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday started off pretty good I tried to limit what I ate for breakfast since it was higher calorie food than I usually eat at breakfast, I went for a long walk and then the alcohol started again. I don’t even know what I ate or didn’t eat after breakfast and before supper but I know there was a lot of alcohol and Sunday was only slightly better.

There is something about having a few drinks that gives you a carefree attitude and all good diet intentions go out the window. I am going to have to really be better at watching the alcohol intake so that I am better able to control the eating that comes along with it.

So much for last weeks plan 😦

This coming week I am going camping for a week so we will see if I can stay in control a little better this time. Since I will be gone for a week there wont be a post next Thursday and I will not be weighing in next Thursday either.

My only goals will be to try to take a long walk everyday or go for a bike ride and to stick as close as possible to plan while allowing myself some freedom since I am on vacation.


2 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Food With Your Alcohol?

  1. Walking will help. When I was in Disneyland, there was no way I was able to eat healthy all the time but the walking 22,000 steps a day average helped me lose 4 lbs. Keep active, and it will help.


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