Tired of Waiting

I am not posting my weight this week simply because I don’t want to, I know I am up yet again and I am feeling tired and frustrated with myself.

I can not pretend that I did everything I was supposed to and don’t know why I gained yet again, I didn’t do ANYTHING right this last week. If I know what I did was not what I should be doing then why did I do it? Oh how I wish I knew the answer to that question but I don’t know why. I simply can not stop eating the wrong things lately.

I met with my dietitian last Friday and that did not help me get back on track, she gave me some great ideas but now I need to take the ideas and do something with them. Next Friday I have my first surgery consult and I can’t wait to meet the surgeon and see if he can give me some kind of insight as to when a surgery date may be.

I really need this surgery to help me in getting this weight off, I am so tired of fighting with myself and this weight. I have said before that surgery is just a tool, it is not going to magically make the weight fall off and it is going to take a lot of work but right now I feel like without the extra help of surgery I am doomed to stay at my current weight and that is a very depressing thought.

For those of you reading this and still thinking surgery will be easy I will post a link below on why surgery is “not the easy way out,” this was posted on one of my support groups and I found it interesting so here you go.  http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/surgery-is-not-the-easy-way-out-a-bariatric-surgeons-perspective

For the remainder of the week I am going to try to focus on getting back in control of my eating and start getting into a regular exercise routine, I set up my diva den work out space so I really should get to using it.

Hoping I can do better this coming week 🙂


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