Another Step Closer

I have not weighed myself this week since I am still not being very successful at getting back on track. I have not given up and I am going to continue to try to do better.

Last Friday I had my first surgeon consult with Dr. Mitchell and I was very impressed with him, he was very personable and very understanding of the struggle with obesity. When I told him that I was down 26 lbs but that I have started putting it back on again he just nodded his head in complete understanding. He didn’t tell me that I was not ready for surgery or that I needed to do better he just understood my struggle.

What happened during this consult?

He asked me to tell him first about my struggles with my weight, he asked about my eating habits and how the clinic has helped if at all:

  • How old was I when I started noticing a weight problem
  • What was my average high school weight
  • How much did I gain with each pregnancy
  • Had I lost any weight with the clinic and if so how much
  • Have I changed any eating habits since joining the clinic
  • What habits have I changed

Finally he asked me which surgery I was interested in having, I told him the “sleeve” and he said I was a “great candidate” and that he just wanted to check my tummy before signing off. He checked my tummy and signed off. The last thing I asked was what kind of time frame I was looking at before surgery and he said his best guess was sometime after Christmas. I am hoping for  a date before the end of January but it will all depend on which surgeon I end up having and how busy that particular surgeon is.

My next step is to sign consent for surgery. In order to sign consent Dr. Mitchell will send his approval to the clinic, the clinic will then pick a surgeon (there are 4) and send my paperwork to that surgeons office. After the surgeons office receives my paperwork they will call me with a date to go in and sign consent. Some people in one of the support groups I am in have signed consent in 6 weeks and some has been 6 months so I really have no idea how long it will take to get this appointment, more waiting!

While I wait for my appointment I will still be attending classes at the clinic, my next class is the pre & post surgery nutrition class which I am really looking forward to. I have another appointment in October with my dietitian to go over any questions I may have about the nutrition class and then hopefully by the end of October I will have an appointment to sign consent.