Surgery Consent



Yesterday I signed my consent with Dr. Mitchell for gastric sleeve surgery. I had been counting down the weeks until I had this appointment and I thought I will go in to the office, sign the paperwork and they will either give me a surgery date or they will give me at least a really good idea of when surgery will be. WRONG! I went into the office, signed the consent and was told surgery will be sometime between January and June, seriously? 

Is there any possible way to give me a bigger time frame? Could they not have at least given me a one or two month time frame?

Last night I was so disappointed and frustrated with this process I went to bed thinking about dates and wondering if maybe I will get lucky and it will be sooner rather than later and this morning I woke up at 4 AM thinking about it.

Okay so after a high fat Starbucks latte and breakfast sandwich this morning I was driving to work and I thought to myself this is okay, it sucks but it’s okay! I need to refocus and stay positive or else I will be right back to my highest weight and that just can’t happen. So here are a few positives that I received at yesterdays appointment, first I don’t have to do the gastroscopy that many have to do and is apparently very unpleasant and two I only have to do 2 weeks of pre-op diet.

The pre-op diet: 

  • can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks
  • 5 high protein ensures a day
  • 4 cups of liquids 5 calories or less (coffee, broth, etc.)
  • water (As much as I want, I think)

Going forward I have made a plan to increase my activity, I am going to start a 4 week beginner challenge on Monday and Tuesday I am going to start a program I found on pinterest that is supposed to help me go from walking on my treadmill to running.

Until next post, I will stay positive and continue trying to lose as much weight as possible before surgery.