A Crazy Month!

A number of things have happened this month, the first being my surgery date was moved up and second I had emergency eye surgery for a detached retina.

January 9th I went to the hospital because of a change in my vision which I knew from my optometrist as well as a friend who has had a detached retina was very serious and would require emergency surgery. When I realized what was happening my first thought was that it would cause my sleeve surgery to be cancelled and I was more terrified of that than of having eye surgery. It turns out they use only a local aesthetic so it would not affect my sleeve surgery and I was so relieved. Once I was admitted to the hospital I had to wait until the operating room was available which turned out to be the next morning.

January 10th I underwent my eye surgery and was discharged from the hospital later that day. After a few long days I started to feel a lot better, there was hardly any pain and my vision was pretty good. Now it was time to prepare for my liquid diet and my upcoming sleeve surgery.

As for my sleeve surgery as I said above it was moved up, surgery was changed from February 12th to February 4th which also meant my liquid diet would now start on January 12th.

I did some shopping and got some of the things recommended by my dietitian for my liquid diet. I purchased protein powder, chicken and beef broth, and tons of ensure high protein.

January 12th I started my liquid diet and the first few days were incredibly hard, I just wanted to eat something even just a piece of fruit but I stuck to the diet. Today is day 9 of the liquid diet and it’s hard but not as hard as I thought it would be, I have lost 10lbs so far so that helps to keep me going. 1 week left!!!

liquid diet

I have spent this week preparing for surgery. Monday I went to the hospital to complete my pre-admission where I had an ECG and talked to the anaesthesiologist. I have completed my shopping that I needed to do in order to prepare for surgery. I purchased some low fat cream soups, a vitamin organizer, and all of the required vitamins.

After surgery I will be at risk for vitamin deficiency so it is very important to follow the instructions from the clinic on which vitamins to take and how often to take them. I will need to take a prenatal vitamin, vitamin D and calcium citrate which will have to be taken several times through out the day since your body can only absorb so much calcium at a time.

Next week I will do final surgery preparations. I will need to pack my surgery bag, I will make my soups and freeze them in 1/2 cup portions, and make sure I have some appropriate foods to come home to. I will be on a full fluid diet until February 18th. Full fluids will be anything that does not have chunks in it, things like greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, jello, and cream soups. February 19th I will start soft foods such as cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs. I will be on soft foods for a week and then I will be allowed to slowly start adding regular foods back to my diet, I will have to add them back one at time and in small amounts.

I feel like I am prepared for this surgery and I am feeling less scared of this since having the emergency eye surgery. I am looking forward to when my eye is no longer swollen and the sleeve surgery is done and all the incisions are healed, basically I am looking forward to feeling healthy again.

Next week I will update with my total weight loss over the liquid diet.