Week 4

Today is the start of week 4 which also means the start of solid food and I can not wait to start eating regular meals with my family again. Today I have stuck with my soft foods for most of the day but for my afternoon snack I am going to have a cheese stick and if this goes well then for dinner the plan is chicken meatloaf and peas.

So far my experience has been really positive, I still have not had any problem with food getting stuck or making me sick. Having said that I did have my first case of the “foamies” this morning. If you are wondering what I mean by foamies it is when you eat too much and something gets stuck or there is no room for it to go down then you stomach starts producing extra saliva to try and get whatever it is down and the extra saliva produced needs to be spit out because if you swallow it you just get more.

I got the foamies because I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin just before I ate (they need to be taken with food), so I ate my breakfast of 1 egg and 1/4 cup ground chicken then I remembered I need to take my vitamin so I went and took the vitamin. Obviously I was already full from breakfast and there was no room for the vitamin because within a few seconds I had pain in my upper back and I felt like I would be sick, then the foamies started. I never got sick but the foamies and the pain lasted about 30 – 40 minutes before it went away. This is a mistake I will not be repeating anytime soon!

I thought this week would be harder for me to adjust since I went back to work and I am used to eating while I drive to work and now that is not an option. It turns out that it actually hasn’t been that hard, I just have to make sure lunch is ready the night before, make sure I get up as soon as my alarm goes off and I have to use my time efficiently.

My weight has slowed over the last week and half which is hard to take but I know that this is common and eventually the weight will come off. I have lost 27 lbs since starting my liquid diet January 19th so I can’t be unhappy about that. This week was only 1.8 lbs which was a little bit disappointing but I am not going to let it get me down. The scale is moving in the right direction and I have not been under 230 lbs in years so weighing in at 225.8 lbs this morning for me is a victory.

I am now eating between 600 & 700 calories a day and I am getting closer to meeting my protein goal of 64g – 75g everyday. Now that I am starting solids it is time to really make sure everything I eat is healthy and try and reach that protein goal everyday. I think this is where the hard work will really start, I have to make sure I use my sleeve as the tool it is meant to be by really changing my lifestyle. Healthy eating and regular exercise (once my Dr. approves) will have to be something that I follow for the rest of my life if I want this to work.

Let the hard work begin, I am ready!!!


Week 3

Yesterday was the start of week 3 and the start of my soft food diet. I am now allowed to have cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, & chunky soups. This is the second day that I have been eating soft foods and so far it has gone well, everything I have tried has gone down well and has stayed down without any discomfort.

Next Thursday I will be starting solid foods, I will still need to take it easy and I will only be introducing one food at a time to make sure I am able to tolerate it but I look forward to starting to eat normal foods again.

On an average day I am getting in around 450 – 550 calories and 1.5 L of water. I am working on increasing both of these and it is getting easier but eating and drinking since surgery is like having a part time job. Now that I am off of full fluids I can not eat or drink within 30 minutes of each other.

Here is a quick glance at the first half of my day.

1/2 cup of skim milk

30 minutes later breakfast (3/4 of a scrambled egg or 1/2 pkg of high protein oatmeal)

30 minutes later start drinking water until 30 minutes before I am going to have a snack

1/2 cup yogurt or cottage cheese for snack

30 minutes later more water until 30 minutes before lunch

1/2 cup of chunky soup or mashed potatoes.

I am very thankful for the timer on my phone and I am wondering how I am going to make this work when I go back to work on Monday. I am sure I will get into a rhythm and before long I will have a routine.

As far as my healing goes I seem to be healing up pretty well, I still have steri strips on 3 of the 5 incisions which I am sure will fall off this week sometime. I am feeling a little low on energy and so I have been trying to get in all of my vitamins and medications. So far I have been able to get in my 2 prescriptions (antacid & thryoid meds) and my prenatal vitamin which I cut into 4. Monday I am going to add in my vitamin D and if that goes well for a couple of days I will add in my calcium.

As for weight loss I have lost 2.4 lbs this week which makes it 12.1 lbs since surgery. I was hoping for a bigger loss for this week but I have also talked to many people who have had this surgery that hit a stall around week 3 and not lost anything for a few weeks. Apparently it is just the body needing to catch up to the many changes that it has gone through. I am not counting on losing anything now for another week or so. Hopefully my stall wont last too long and I will start to see my weight drop.


Week 1

For my week 1 update I will tell you how things progressed each day.

Surgery Day – Day 1

I got up and took a shower, weighed myself, took my measurements, got dressed and headed to the hospital.

Once at the hospital I was admitted and after a bit of a waiting period was given a temporary room. My nurse tried to start an IV unsuccessfully and had to get another nurse to put the IV in. I am not an easy person to get an IV into, my skin is tough and my veins are deep so the IV is always a dreaded part of any surgery I have had.


It is finally time to get wheeled to the operating room so with a much needed kiss from my husband and with my nerves mostly under control the porter wheeled me away.

Once in the operating room I see my surgeon, he asks me some basic questions and next thing I known the anaesthesiologist says I am going to put some medicine in your IV to put you to sleep and what seemed like seconds later I was waking up in the recovery room.

Upon awakening the first thing I felt was nausea and just a little soreness, the nurse gave me some medication to help with the nausea and once I was feeling better took me to my room. I was in a lot of pain the remainder of the day but not from my incisions or even my stomach that had been cut but in my back from gas pain.

I tried to hold out on pain meds but eventually told the nurse I needed something and I was given morphine and I was able to have that every 4 hours, it lasted about 2.5 hours!!!

I did get up and went to the bathroom and tried to get in some short walks since I was told that was the best way to get rid of the gas pain.


Day 2

Still lots of back pain and my mouth is very dry. I have not been allowed to have even a sip of water since the night before surgery and I am not allowed to have anything until I have a fluoroscopy and the surgeon gets the results and clears me.

The fluoroscopy was scheduled for 9:00 AM so I was put in a wheelchair and a porter took me down to where the test would be. I was nervous for this test because I know I have to swallow a contrast that is going to taste awful and I have not swallowed anything since surgery and I thought maybe it would hurt.

It did not hurt but it was awful. During the test you have to stand against a table which has a small platform to stand on and a small handle to hang onto, as you are standing you take a mouth full of contrast and wait to be told to swallow, as the dye works its way into your stomach they take pictures. Now you take mouth full #2 and again wait until you are told to swallow it and they take more pictures, now for the awful part they turn the table so you are laying down and take a few more pictures. As soon as I was half way to being laying down I could feel that contrast working its way back up. Thankfully I got turned to standing right away again and I was done.

The test showed my stomach did not have any leaks and the surgeon came in to tell me everything looked really good and I should lose lots of weight and could start on my full fluid diet. Finally just a sip of water!!!

Day 3 

Same back pain, I am frustrated at this point because I knew I was to expect gas pain but I didn’t think it would be in my back and it is hard to sleep.

My surgeon comes to see me again and asks if I am ready to go home, I am kind of thinking about it when my hubby looks at him and says no I don’t want her to push herself. That was the end of my input into the decision right away the surgeon says okay stay one more night and I will see you in the morning.

Day 4

My back is still hurting but I have taken myself off the morphine and I am now just taking liquid children’s tylenol. I am feeling slightly better and when the surgeon comes back to see me at 1:00 PM he gives me the okay to go home. I finally get my IV out and sign my dishcharge papers around 4:00 PM.

Day 5 – 7

It is all downhill after I get home, I get to shower again which makes me feel so much better and I change my clothes and rest on the couch. Everyday is a little better than the last.

I am on my full fluid diet and currently I am getting about 1/4 cup of food (soup, applesauce, yougurt) at a time. I am eating every couple of hours but I don’t feel hungry, I also can’t really tell yet when I am full. I do however know when I have taken I bite too many because I get a small pain in my chest, but this doesn’t last long.

So Far I have lost 10 lbs since surgery and I can’t believe it, I thought I would lose that maybe for the month but not in one week. I am so ready to see how my life will change and despite the days of pain the surgery was so worth it!

It’s Almost Time!!!

The big day is almost here!

Tomorrow I will be headed to the South Health Hospital for my gastric sleeve surgery and I couldn’t be more excited. I am anxious to be done with the surgery, heal up and be on my way to a healthier & happier me.

Today is day 16 of my liquid diet and I can’t wait to be allowed to have even just a yogurt or some apple sauce after surgery (although I probably will not feel like eating). Day 1 & 2 of the liquid diet were very difficult and I really struggled to get through without cheating. Day 3-13 were actually not too bad, I had moments where I really wanted to eat but not because I was hungry it was more missing the chewing of food. The last few days have been harder and so I have been trying to keep myself busy so I don’t think about food so much.

I must admit I had a couple very small cheats, I ate a spoonful of macaroni & cheese, 2 french fries, and 1 nacho chip off my husbands plate. Overall I don’t think I did too bad and the bonus is that as of this morning I have lost 13 lbs.

I have spent the week preparing for tomorrow’s surgery. I made and froze some cream soups in half cup portions, a muffin tin works perfect and holds almost exactly half a cup. I bought some groceries off of my dietitian’s list of recommended foods, I bought High protein instant oatmeal, skim milk, yogurt (no fruit & low fat), unsweetened apple sauce, and low fat puddings.  I have packed my surgery bag with the exception of a few things that I will pack in the morning.

Tomorrow morning I will take some comparative photo’s, do my measurements and take my final surgery start weight. All of these things will be posted either tomorrow morning if I have time or once I get home from the hospital and I am feeling up to it. I am hoping to be home Saturday at the latest.

There is no turning back now 😯