It’s Almost Time!!!

The big day is almost here!

Tomorrow I will be headed to the South Health Hospital for my gastric sleeve surgery and I couldn’t be more excited. I am anxious to be done with the surgery, heal up and be on my way to a healthier & happier me.

Today is day 16 of my liquid diet and I can’t wait to be allowed to have even just a yogurt or some apple sauce after surgery (although I probably will not feel like eating). Day 1 & 2 of the liquid diet were very difficult and I really struggled to get through without cheating. Day 3-13 were actually not too bad, I had moments where I really wanted to eat but not because I was hungry it was more missing the chewing of food. The last few days have been harder and so I have been trying to keep myself busy so I don’t think about food so much.

I must admit I had a couple very small cheats, I ate a spoonful of macaroni & cheese, 2 french fries, and 1 nacho chip off my husbands plate. Overall I don’t think I did too bad and the bonus is that as of this morning I have lost 13 lbs.

I have spent the week preparing for tomorrow’s surgery. I made and froze some cream soups in half cup portions, a muffin tin works perfect and holds almost exactly half a cup. I bought some groceries off of my dietitian’s list of recommended foods, I bought High protein instant oatmeal, skim milk, yogurt (no fruit & low fat), unsweetened apple sauce, and low fat puddings.  I have packed my surgery bag with the exception of a few things that I will pack in the morning.

Tomorrow morning I will take some comparative photo’s, do my measurements and take my final surgery start weight. All of these things will be posted either tomorrow morning if I have time or once I get home from the hospital and I am feeling up to it. I am hoping to be home Saturday at the latest.

There is no turning back now 😯


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