2 Months

I am now officially 2 months post op and down another 3 lbs this week.

Over the last week or so I noticed almost overnight that I had more energy than I have had for a long time, this was a welcome surprise. So what am I doing with this new found energy?

First I went through my closet and my dresser, every single piece ¬†of clothing I owned was put in a giant pile on my bedroom floor. I got rid of things that I simply didn’t like anymore as well as things that have gotten too big since surgery. I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to put something on and see that it is too big, even favorite tops that I didn’t want to part with yet I had to get rid of some because they looked silly on me. In the last 2 weeks I got rid of 3 pairs of jeans because as soon as I started walking they were falling, this is a great problem to have.

Second I started working out again. I have started very small by doing a 21 day arm challenge and a 30 day love handle challenge, both of these I found on Pinterest. I chose the arm challenge because I am very worried about how much excess skin I am going to have hanging after I reach my goal weight and I am hoping that if I work my arms really hard starting now that maybe it wont be too bad. The love handle challenge I chose simply because this has always been a problem area for me. If I finish those and I still have time I will get on my treadmill, I try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise in everyday.

I am going to be doing some progress pictures this weekend and I am going to try to remember to do my measurements as well (last month I forgot). I have already updated the “my progress” page with my current weight and losses.



Mixed Emotions

Over the last two weeks I have had some mixed emotions, this journey is hard!

First my weight loss, this morning my scale showed a 1.6 lb weight loss for the week. Really??? 1.6 lbs that’s it I only eat 700 – 850 calories a day and I only lose 1.6 lbs!!! Although I was frustrated with the weekly weight loss I am happy with my overall progress, my weight is 219.5 lbs which means I get to say goodbye to the 220’s FOREVER!

I have also been a little frustrated with where I am losing the weight. I know that I always lose weight from my chest up first and from my stomach, hips & ass last but that doesn’t stop me from being irritated every time I put on my jeans and they don’t fall off. I have noticed my jeans are getting just a tiny bit looser in the legs but seriously the places I want to lose it the most just don’t seem to get any smaller.

Lastly food make me feel a little sad sometimes, strange especially when it almost always had the opposite effect. When put my meal on my plate (small salad plate) I often feel like it’s not enough food to fill me up but when I finish eating I almost always have to throw a bite or 2 of food away. It is hard to have to either share everything with someone or throw half of something away because you simply can’t eat it. Sometimes when I am throwing away those last few bites I couldn’t eat I feel a little sad and I have no good explanation, this is the purpose of the surgery after all.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like myself and I can’t always figure out why. Maybe it’s because someday’s food just doesn’t feel good in my new tummy, maybe it’s because sometimes nothing tastes very good or maybe it’s just a hormonal change.

Even with all of the ups and downs of this journey I have no regrets and most days I feel great and I can not wait to see where my weight ends up each and every week.

1 Month

It has been a whole month since surgery and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

I am down a total of 30.3 lbs since starting my liquid diet and although I don’t see a huge change yet I have noticed some changes. Pants that were a little tight are now a little loose, shirts are fitting looser and best of all I feel great!

I saw my surgeon today for my 1 month check up and he said everything is healing well and I am have no activity restrictions at this point and very few food restrictions. I still have to stay away from breads and pasta’s but everything else I will be able to eat but still in very small portions. I will not see my surgeon again until September and he said once I have lost 100 lbs we would talk about skin removal surgery, the thought of skin removal surgery absolutely terrifies me so I am not sure I will ever do it.

I keep bringing too much lunch to work because I am still adjusting to the new portions. Today I brought 3 oz of turkey with 1/2 a carrot and 20 goldfish crackers. I ate only 2 oz of the turkey and I didn’t eat any of the crackers.

I have a few things I need to keep working on like getting in all my water, some days I get it all in and some days I don’t. I also need to increase my protein, I am usually at least 10 g less than my goal which is 64 – 75 g a day. The protein will help burn fat instead of muscle and it will also help with the dreaded hair loss that usually happens between 3 & 6 months.

Over the next week my plan is to start some light exercising and increase my daily protein. Hopefully I will see another 3 lbs or so disappear over the week as well.

I have updated both my progress page and my before & after pics page if you want to check them out!