I Am Not A Failure!

Yesterday I had a bad day. It is funny how whenever I say I have had a bad day whether it’s on this blog or to my family or friends it’s because I am mad at myself for something I ate. There are many reasons I feel like a failure because of food

  • I ate too much
  • I didn’t eat enough
  • I didn’t get in enough protein
  • I didn’t drink enough water
  • I ate something unhealthy

This list could go on but I think you get the picture.

Yesterday I was having a great day and then I went into the store to get a protein drink for at my sons lacrosse game and I came out with a box of smarties. I didn’t want the smarties before I bought them I didn’t even really want them while I ate them but I ate them, all of them.

I felt like I failed my surgery, it’s funny that I never thought my surgery failed me. Sometimes in these moments I wish I was like so many other sleeve patients who eat chocolate and get violently ill for a couple hours. Being sick would surely teach me not to eat a box of smarties right?

Fast forward to today and it was weigh in day, down 2.5 lbs this week!!! Maybe it was the good nights sleep or maybe it was the weight loss, whatever the reason my attitude was better this morning. I thought so what it was one day, you will do better today. You are NOT a failure! I got to work this morning and I walked right past the 2 bite brownies a client brought yesterday (I ate one of those yesterday to) and went to my office without giving them a second thought.

I am grateful for this surgery and to know that even if I have a bad day I can get back on track and it doesn’t have to ruin my week. I do really need to work on letting food and my weight decide if I am going to be happy or depressed.



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