Gaining Muscle???

So last week my weight didn’t change which for me is a first since surgery. Many people have plateau’s after weight loss surgery, some happen early, some happen often and some happen for long periods of time. So have I hit a plateau? Is my body just needing a chance to catch up? Is this just my body slowing down? Am I replacing my fat with muscle? I don’t know the answer to this yet.

I have started working out with a personal trainer once a week. Since I am only seeing her once a week she gives me fitness homework. Right now I am doing strength training once a week with the trainer and once a week at home, I am also doing cardio training twice a week at home.

Since the first week I started with her was the same week I didn’t lose any weight I am going to be positive and believe I am building muscle. My trainer has done before pictures and has taken my weight and measurements, my weight and measurements will be done by her again at the 1 month mark at which time I am hoping to start seeing some changes in my body even if they are small.

I have decided that I no longer just want to be thin and be able to buy regular clothing, that is not good enough. I want to be strong, fit & healthy no matter what weight I end up at. I have already noticed after only 2 weeks that I feel stronger and have more energy so I can’t wait to see the results after 3 months.