3 Months Already!

Yesterday was my 3 month check up with the dietitian and nurse at the bariatric clinic, I can’t believe it has been 3 months already and I have lost almost 56 lbs from my highest weight.

I have had a lot’s of NSV’s (non-scale victories) over the last few weeks that I am excited to be able to share.

  1. I went back to my hot yoga class with a close friend and discovered that I was able to complete the class without having to modify hardly anything. I found the class way easier than it was almost 56 lbs ago.
  2. I went shopping with another close friend and I was able to buy a size 16 pair of jeans and a few tops that were a size large or extra large.
  3. I have started working out more regularly at home on my treadmill and with weights.
  4. I was able to use the smaller blood pressure cuff at yesterday’s check-up.
  5. I can comfortably cross my legs.
  6. I had to get rid of some more clothes that were too big.

I am feeling great about all of the NSV’s but I am really looking forward to next week’s weigh in day as I believe I will reach a huge scale victory for me and be out of the 200’s.

I have a few goals for this week, first as recommended by my dietitian I am going to try and increase my carb and water intake and second I am going to try to get in more than 3 work outs for this week.

I will be posting a new pic on my “before and after pics” page later tonight so make sure you check it out.


Closet Purge!

Since my last post I did a huge closet purge. Some of my clothes were starting to get a little too big so I decided it was time to get rid of some stuff.I went through my closet and all of my drawers until I had a massive pile of clothing on my floor. It felt so good to try on things and realize they were too big or to get rid of winter clothing just because I know it won’t fit next winter.

So you might be wondering what I did with all of these clothes. I gave some to my mom, posted some of the more expensive stuff for sale on a Facebook group and I have a garbage bag full clothes to give to the support group I attend.

I have decided that I don’t want to be purchasing new jeans every time I drop a size so I will likely be wearing my leggings frequently. Since I will be wearing leggings more often I decided I needed a couple more tunic length shirts. While I was shopping I picked up the 2 smallest sizes the plus size store carries a 1X and X size, to my surprise the 1X is too big and both shirts I purchased were an X. I have no idea the last time I wore this size and I can’t wait to be able to say that I can’t shop at that store any more.

I was feeling so good about myself after I left that store last night and then I wake up this morning and I can’t wait to step on the scale and see how much progress I made this week. What a disappointment, 0.9 lbs!

As much as I was hoping for a bigger loss this week I am trying not to let it bother since I know that my body needs to catch up sometimes and next week will probably be a bigger weight loss.

I have been feeling very tired and have not been working out as much as I should this week but hopefully I can do better this week.

Don’t forget to check out my progress page and my before and after pictures page!







2 Months

I am now officially 2 months post op and down another 3 lbs this week.

Over the last week or so I noticed almost overnight that I had more energy than I have had for a long time, this was a welcome surprise. So what am I doing with this new found energy?

First I went through my closet and my dresser, every single piece ¬†of clothing I owned was put in a giant pile on my bedroom floor. I got rid of things that I simply didn’t like anymore as well as things that have gotten too big since surgery. I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to put something on and see that it is too big, even favorite tops that I didn’t want to part with yet I had to get rid of some because they looked silly on me. In the last 2 weeks I got rid of 3 pairs of jeans because as soon as I started walking they were falling, this is a great problem to have.

Second I started working out again. I have started very small by doing a 21 day arm challenge and a 30 day love handle challenge, both of these I found on Pinterest. I chose the arm challenge because I am very worried about how much excess skin I am going to have hanging after I reach my goal weight and I am hoping that if I work my arms really hard starting now that maybe it wont be too bad. The love handle challenge I chose simply because this has always been a problem area for me. If I finish those and I still have time I will get on my treadmill, I try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise in everyday.

I am going to be doing some progress pictures this weekend and I am going to try to remember to do my measurements as well (last month I forgot). I have already updated the “my progress” page with my current weight and losses.


Mixed Emotions

Over the last two weeks I have had some mixed emotions, this journey is hard!

First my weight loss, this morning my scale showed a 1.6 lb weight loss for the week. Really??? 1.6 lbs that’s it I only eat 700 – 850 calories a day and I only lose 1.6 lbs!!! Although I was frustrated with the weekly weight loss I am happy with my overall progress, my weight is 219.5 lbs which means I get to say goodbye to the 220’s FOREVER!

I have also been a little frustrated with where I am losing the weight. I know that I always lose weight from my chest up first and from my stomach, hips & ass last but that doesn’t stop me from being irritated every time I put on my jeans and they don’t fall off. I have noticed my jeans are getting just a tiny bit looser in the legs but seriously the places I want to lose it the most just don’t seem to get any smaller.

Lastly food make me feel a little sad sometimes, strange especially when it almost always had the opposite effect. When put my meal on my plate (small salad plate) I often feel like it’s not enough food to fill me up but when I finish eating I almost always have to throw a bite or 2 of food away. It is hard to have to either share everything with someone or throw half of something away because you simply can’t eat it. Sometimes when I am throwing away those last few bites I couldn’t eat I feel a little sad and I have no good explanation, this is the purpose of the surgery after all.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like myself and I can’t always figure out why. Maybe it’s because someday’s food just doesn’t feel good in my new tummy, maybe it’s because sometimes nothing tastes very good or maybe it’s just a hormonal change.

Even with all of the ups and downs of this journey I have no regrets and most days I feel great and I can not wait to see where my weight ends up each and every week.

1 Month

It has been a whole month since surgery and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

I am down a total of 30.3 lbs since starting my liquid diet and although I don’t see a huge change yet I have noticed some changes. Pants that were a little tight are now a little loose, shirts are fitting looser and best of all I feel great!

I saw my surgeon today for my 1 month check up and he said everything is healing well and I am have no activity restrictions at this point and very few food restrictions. I still have to stay away from breads and pasta’s but everything else I will be able to eat but still in very small portions. I will not see my surgeon again until September and he said once I have lost 100 lbs we would talk about skin removal surgery, the thought of skin removal surgery absolutely terrifies me so I am not sure I will ever do it.

I keep bringing too much lunch to work because I am still adjusting to the new portions. Today I brought 3 oz of turkey with 1/2 a carrot and 20 goldfish crackers. I ate only 2 oz of the turkey and I didn’t eat any of the crackers.

I have a few things I need to keep working on like getting in all my water, some days I get it all in and some days I don’t. I also need to increase my protein, I am usually at least 10 g less than my goal which is 64 – 75 g a day. The protein will help burn fat instead of muscle and it will also help with the dreaded hair loss that usually happens between 3 & 6 months.

Over the next week my plan is to start some light exercising and increase my daily protein. Hopefully I will see another 3 lbs or so disappear over the week as well.

I have updated both my progress page and my before & after pics page if you want to check them out!

Week 4

Today is the start of week 4 which also means the start of solid food and I can not wait to start eating regular meals with my family again. Today I have stuck with my soft foods for most of the day but for my afternoon snack I am going to have a cheese stick and if this goes well then for dinner the plan is chicken meatloaf and peas.

So far my experience has been really positive, I still have not had any problem with food getting stuck or making me sick. Having said that I did have my first case of the “foamies” this morning. If you are wondering what I mean by foamies it is when you eat too much and something gets stuck or there is no room for it to go down then you stomach starts producing extra saliva to try and get whatever it is down and the extra saliva produced needs to be spit out because if you swallow it you just get more.

I got the foamies because I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin just before I ate (they need to be taken with food), so I ate my breakfast of 1 egg and 1/4 cup ground chicken then I remembered I need to take my vitamin so I went and took the vitamin. Obviously I was already full from breakfast and there was no room for the vitamin because within a few seconds I had pain in my upper back and I felt like I would be sick, then the foamies started. I never got sick but the foamies and the pain lasted about 30 – 40 minutes before it went away. This is a mistake I will not be repeating anytime soon!

I thought this week would be harder for me to adjust since I went back to work and I am used to eating while I drive to work and now that is not an option. It turns out that it actually hasn’t been that hard, I just have to make sure lunch is ready the night before, make sure I get up as soon as my alarm goes off and I have to use my time efficiently.

My weight has slowed over the last week and half which is hard to take but I know that this is common and eventually the weight will come off. I have lost 27 lbs since starting my liquid diet January 19th so I can’t be unhappy about that. This week was only 1.8 lbs which was a little bit disappointing but I am not going to let it get me down. The scale is moving in the right direction and I have not been under 230 lbs in years so weighing in at 225.8 lbs this morning for me is a victory.

I am now eating between 600 & 700 calories a day and I am getting closer to meeting my protein goal of 64g – 75g everyday. Now that I am starting solids it is time to really make sure everything I eat is healthy and try and reach that protein goal everyday. I think this is where the hard work will really start, I have to make sure I use my sleeve as the tool it is meant to be by really changing my lifestyle. Healthy eating and regular exercise (once my Dr. approves) will have to be something that I follow for the rest of my life if I want this to work.

Let the hard work begin, I am ready!!!

Week 3

Yesterday was the start of week 3 and the start of my soft food diet. I am now allowed to have cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, & chunky soups. This is the second day that I have been eating soft foods and so far it has gone well, everything I have tried has gone down well and has stayed down without any discomfort.

Next Thursday I will be starting solid foods, I will still need to take it easy and I will only be introducing one food at a time to make sure I am able to tolerate it but I look forward to starting to eat normal foods again.

On an average day I am getting in around 450 – 550 calories and 1.5 L of water. I am working on increasing both of these and it is getting easier but eating and drinking since surgery is like having a part time job. Now that I am off of full fluids I can not eat or drink within 30 minutes of each other.

Here is a quick glance at the first half of my day.

1/2 cup of skim milk

30 minutes later breakfast (3/4 of a scrambled egg or 1/2 pkg of high protein oatmeal)

30 minutes later start drinking water until 30 minutes before I am going to have a snack

1/2 cup yogurt or cottage cheese for snack

30 minutes later more water until 30 minutes before lunch

1/2 cup of chunky soup or mashed potatoes.

I am very thankful for the timer on my phone and I am wondering how I am going to make this work when I go back to work on Monday. I am sure I will get into a rhythm and before long I will have a routine.

As far as my healing goes I seem to be healing up pretty well, I still have steri strips on 3 of the 5 incisions which I am sure will fall off this week sometime. I am feeling a little low on energy and so I have been trying to get in all of my vitamins and medications. So far I have been able to get in my 2 prescriptions (antacid & thryoid meds) and my prenatal vitamin which I cut into 4. Monday I am going to add in my vitamin D and if that goes well for a couple of days I will add in my calcium.

As for weight loss I have lost 2.4 lbs this week which makes it 12.1 lbs since surgery. I was hoping for a bigger loss for this week but I have also talked to many people who have had this surgery that hit a stall around week 3 and not lost anything for a few weeks. Apparently it is just the body needing to catch up to the many changes that it has gone through. I am not counting on losing anything now for another week or so. Hopefully my stall wont last too long and I will start to see my weight drop.